Scorebauds designs and manufactures :-



  SAVE R 4,000

The scoreboard is only 1 x 1,25m and very light weight, so it is easily transportable in a car, or locked away when not in use.

If you want school / sponsor branding, the board could be mounted with a board on the back to allow branding around the front.

It can be hung on a pole, wall, a fence or a car roof-rack for instance.

It comes with a mains power supply, but also a battery lead so that it can be run from a car / motorbike battery during Eskom cuts.

The remote control operates from 200m away, and its 3 AAA batteries should be changed every year to avoid leaking.

The digits of the display are 275mm high, and can be read from 130m away.




  • Wireless remotely controlled LED scoreboards for various sports.
  • Upgrade kits to convert old mechanical or electrical scoreboards to LED remote technology.   The kits consist of display " tiles" that are fitted to the front of the existing board. Ventilation holes in the tiles ensure a circulation of air to prevent the interior overheating with the sun shining through the perspex.

  • Remote Control / Telemetry custom made solutions.


 We have updated the remote controls to include choices for the clock counting up or down during play, and for switching on or off the function that flashes "  GOAL " on the clock whenever there is a score.

The LED display in the remote is recessed into our " batcave " case so that the sun doesn't shine onto the display  - a headache with cellphones in sunshine.







Avoids theft / vandalism / protest action losses. 


 By having the branding and legends on a fixed background ( or on an existing wall ) the scores and time can be displayed on a central  lightweight core tile, which can be unplugged and stored in the clubhouse between games, like the portable version below :-



 19 digit portable cricket board ( hangs on rails, locked away between use ) for Smart Sports Durban

( the stripes on the display are a cellphone camera apparition ! )





Dual sports scoreboard kits for 2 fields at Chelsea Primary School Durban North



Below  - in cricket mode  (  in rugby mode the top display automatically switches to a countdown timer with dots between the minutes and seconds, and the bottom 2 displays blank )




 The new B field scoreboard for Bellville Cricket Club :-




A big 630mm high digit board :





Another outing for the trusty cooking challenge clock - a Braai / BBQ  challenge at Goodwood Bowls Club :-






Hotel Roomrate sign for Harbour House Hotel in Hermanus :-






 A cooking timer that Scorebauds,  and Well Hung Signs, donated  for a braai ( BBQ )  reality show audition ( Ultimate Braai Master ), to Team Braai Polar,  who are raising awareness for detecting Bi Polar condition in children :-


 with its remote for counting down hours/minutes for the reality show, but can also count up for a challenge for Guinness book of records  in March, for the longest braai ( aiming at 96 hours ).




 A cricket scoreboard for Mossel Bay Cricket Club :-  





 3 Various sports lockable scoreboards for a school in Northern Cape :-


 doors closed, ready for sponsors branding  


 Facing the sun, and very bright.     More branding space in the doors.



 The remote for this hockey scoreboard.



 A shotclock for a new sport discipline in Australia :-

The displays are at the half way line, and the ref has the remote, to start or cancel the possession timer .











 Teamnames display for Coca Cola :-



 Its actually a lot brighter than the photo makes out !


  8 character display panels , with remote control :-





 Custom cricket kit for Spur :-      

                                   12 digit kit 



 2 digit countdown timer for Spur :-

set it to any minutes up to 99, and when it gets to 1 minute left, it switches to show seconds




    8 digit rugby / soccer / hockey kit  








Solar powered safety board for a windfarm in the Eastern Cape :-

It will show the correct days from and to, even if it lost power for several days thanks to an integral realtime clock with 5 year battery backup:-






Roomrate board for La Splendide hotel Moullie Point :-





Masai Rugby club Noordhoek :-





 Inline hockey scoreboard with team names and 4 penalty timers, for Kamikaze club Windhoek Namibia :-



Dual purpose cricket / soccer/ rugby etc, :-


winter mode




 summer mode

                        19 digit scoreboard                                 

                                                                                            Another Spur sponsored board in Durban :-    

             10 digit kit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          5s   5-a-side soccer Century City











  A BASIC SCORE AND COUNTDOWN CLOCK,  1 meter square to mount on a wall, car roof, fence or stand.





One of 6 for Spur restaurants in Newcastle  :-  




The new LEDs  (  see below ) showing up looking straight into the afternoon sun :-





   After years of  shading LEDs from direct sunlight to avoid being washed out by the glare, the same  technology which has bought car LED headlights, allows us to use LEDs that are crystal clear, even with the board directly facing the sun, as demonstrated below:-


We now have to incorporate an automatically dimming function so that the light from the LED tiles does not  detract players on overcast days, or night matches.




with the LED tiles ( the black part with 1,2,3 or 4 digits ) and remote control, receiver/decoder module, and power supply,  to be fitted on a wall, existing board, or a locally made board.




We believe that the person scoring a game should be a sportsman, not a computer geek, so we have developed a scoreboard system based on SIMPLICITY - no menus or screens to navigate - just SIMPLE buttons and switches.

  • All boards are locally designed and built with readily available components to ensure long service life. All software is written in house, and can be customised to suit clients requirements.
  • Our scoreboards offer an affordable solution for developing sports clubs with income generating advertising space for your club.
  •  View our current range by clicking on the menu links or send us your requirements for a customised scoreboard to suit your specific needs.




 Contact John on ( +27 )  082 9533343



 Queue ticket printer / display


Customer presses button for ticket

Salesman calls next ticket number by pressing the appropriate button on his remote control.

 Printer includes GPS clock, all ticket printing and serving times recorded on a memory card log for later analysis of queue times, salesman production etc.

mail us at   for more details



  •   Synchronous GPS clocks:-


 Call centres, schools and offices require all clocks in the building to show the same time, so as to synchronise video conferences, logging messages etc.

 The led colour can be chosen to match the company branding.

The clocks get the accurate time from GPS satellites , and are not connected to the buildings network, so will keep perfect time even when your computer network is down.



email for info and prices



Basketball / Waterpolo Shot Clocks :-










  • Hotel Roomrate Boards






Coloured ticket queuing  system - this one has three queues at a hospital




Call John  (+27)      082 9533343